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We truly wanted to create an innovative, trendy product that wasn’t available on the dessert market. It was this notion that sparked our creativity of bringing the King and Queen of the dessert Kingdom together '' ice cream and the macaron ''. But even after putting the best ice cream and macarons available together, we were not satisfied. So our team worked harder, and we came up with the cute little macaron monsters you see today, making our desserts not just delicious, but a small work of art that requires many hours of hardwork. 

This is why D21 is different to any other dessert parlour, as besides the tastiness of our product, you won't ever find your best cartoon friends anywhere else, other than in our store.  

We are fun, innovative, and unique, these three elements make D21 special, and will always differentiate us from the crowd.  

So come in and try our Monster macaron or maybe even our Cookie Monster to brighten up your day, and we hope that you will love your macaroon monster as much as we loved making them for you.